Supra Cleanse 350

The Natural Weight Loss Formula is Here!

Burning the fatty deposits on our body is no more a headache! The natural weight loss supplement is a modern innovation, that guarantees in helping to lose the weight, in a ‘rapid action formula’ by detoxification process, which leaves no side effects.

Supra Cleanse 350

Supra Cleanse 350

Why Should you Opt for this Product?

Supra Cleanse 350 is a revolutionary product with countless number of benefits it works by burning away the fats and calories that one intake each day, before it accumulates in our body cells.  This miraculous formula has the potential to help us lose weight up to 10kgs in just 3-5 weeks time. Self-commitment, with exercise and maintaining a healthy diet and consuming this formula regularly, has proved to be the best solution in weight loss with unbeatable results.

  • It makes one feel full – decreases the appetite
  • Accelerates the metabolism process, and helps in burning fat
  • The glucose consumption level is reduced
  • Blood sugar level is kept under check
  • Cleanses and detoxifies the body of all the impurities stored in troublesome parts
  • Rejuvenates the body cells and enhances its performance
  • Boosts the stamina and energy level and prepares us for a healthy and active life

Thus, if one is willing to achieve the slim and smart look that they have always desired for. Supra cleanse 350 must be opted for. The toxics in our body, makes it impossible for the body cells to absorb the essential nutrients. This formula does the magic, by purifying our body, thus, helping us to lead a fit life in perfect shape.

The main ingredients that have been used to formulate this product are

Every product that has been used to prepare this formula is 100% natural.

  • Stems and leafs of Alfalfa and Aloe Vera
  • Bentonine
  • Bark of Buckthorn and Cascara Sagrada
  • Root of Gentian, Goldenseal and Rhubarb
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  • Oat seed
  • Husk of Psyllium
  • MMC\Silica\EthyleCellulose\Triacetin and few other derivatives.

These handpicked ingredients have outstanding results and thus makes Supra Cleanse 350 stand apart from all other weight loss supplements.


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