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Raspberry Ketones, a Weight Loss Supplement: Really?

In recent time there has been a huge weight loss fad. Everywhere you see someone or the other is trying to lose weight. Some succeed, while some don’t. Conventional weight loss techniques are not a successful and sure shot path for everyone. There are, however, various other methods to lose weight rapidly and effectively. There are many herbs, pills and shakes that claim to make weight loss much easier than the conventional methods. Among these quick methods is the Raspberry Ketones. This product claims to make weight loss faster and more effective.

What is it?

Raspberry Ketones are basically a natural substance which imparts the potent aroma to the red raspberries. They effectively break down the fat within the cells, which helps the body burn the fats rapidly. Adiponectin, a hormone that helps regulating metabolism, is also secreted increasingly with the help of this product.
Raspberry Ketones are also found in blackberries, kiwis and cranberries, although is small amounts. This product has been continuously used as flavoring in soft drinks, processed foods and ice creams for a long time. It has only recently been discovered and become popular as a weight loss supplement.

However, it is quite interesting to know that Raspberry Ketones, contrary to its nomenclature, isn’t derived from raspberries. Raspberries contain very less ketones from its total weight. Extracting ketones from raspberries is economically not feasible. Therefore, the supplements available in the market are manufactured synthetically through an industrial process and are definitely not natural.

How do they work?

This product has a molecular structure that is similar to two known fat burning compound- Capsaicin (commonly found in chili pepper) and Synephrine (a common stimulant). This molecular structure aids in breaking down fat in the isolated fat cells, while also releasing the hormone, Adiponectin, which regulates metabolism and blood sugar levels.

So not only does this hormone (which the product secretes in large numbers) aids to weight loss, but it also lowers the risk arising from diseases such as blood sugar.

Does it really work?

Some studies also show that the use of this supplement has led to weight gain. The study conducted with this supplement, which garnered the above results, were actually done on rats and not humans. There isn’t much proof whether this product is actually effective on humans. Combining this supplement with other products like caffeine, ginger, Synephrine, garlic and capsaicin have led to successful weight loss in various people. But whether the effect was from this particular supplement or from the others mentioned is still unclear.

However, Raspberry Ketones have cosmetic benefits. If this product is administered topically then it can lead to an improved elasticity of the skin and also lead to growth of hair in people suffering from hair loss. Unfortunately, the results of the study are inconclusive and it also has a number of flaws. The recommended dosage is 1 to 2 times daily. But since there isn’t any conclusive human study on this matter, the dosage also remains unclear.


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