Lumare Skin Care

Lumare Skin Care – Painless and Easy

Our skin is a part of the body which acts like a protective barrier against your surroundings and to all the toxic ingredients that try to enter our system. The almost constant maximum exposure to the sun and pollution makes it most prone to damages that we try to fix with different skin care products. And let’s face it; when it comes to stress, it shows, inside out. So why not go an extra mile to opt for this anti-aging product that will help you to maintain your youthfulness.

The best that you can get

Lumare skin care, for both eyes and skin, is the new product on the market based on the compound Acetyl Hexapeptide 8, or better known as Argireline. With a clever and easy use of this formula and other potent ingredients, customers do not have to opt for any sort of costly laser treatments or injections. Would it not be great to have a product whose formula would give the same noticeable effects that of Botulinum Toxin or as we all famously know as Botox?

What’s it made of?

The proper preparation of this product gives you the lasting results without any side effects unlike Botox injections which you will need from time to time.

  • Argireline: The main ingredient of Lumare Skin Care, this is a non-toxc topical replacement for Botox. The reduction of lines and wrinkles can go up to 30 percent with religious use. This peptide based compound when seeped into the skin can reduce the contraction of facial muscles, thereby visibly reducing wrinkles and smoothing the skin.
  • Beech tree extract: This boosts the production of proteins and enzyme action in the skin (keratinocytes). The extract of this contains hydroxyproline which helps to produce collagen and elastin for maintaining skin elasticity. The falvinoid content in this also improves the epidermis, giving a firmer and younger appearance.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: This latest stuff in all injections will help you exfoliate dead and dirty skin, along with internal tissue repair. Since it can retain water more than any other compound, it locks in the moisture for a younger appearance.
  • Palm Oil: this extract(also called Elaesis Guineensis) has vitamin A and E to fight against skin damage due to free radicals. Other than all this, it helps in healing acne as well as stretch marks.

The mechanics of it

Lumare skin care works for both men and women. With its unique formula for boosting elastin and collagen for skin tightening, it helps to rejuvenate the deep layers from within, thereby filling in the deep lines and folds that show with aging and stress.

Working carefully with the structure of the inner layers of the skin, it replenishes the moisture content that is lost with constant exposure to the sun and not to mention harsh UV rays.

With the right topical and natural immune boosters, it gets rid of all effects of free radicals and emotional stress, along with removal of discoulouration of skin due to debris.

What about others?

As it is there is no product that will give you exact results, let alone predict them with a 100% guarantee. But studies have shown a reduction in the most obvious signs of aging in less than a month or so (may vary).


After washing your face with any cleanser with slightly warm water, gently dry your face with a t-shirt or a towel and apply the product all over your face, massaging gently around the eyes and forehead or other problem areas. Let it absorb and use religiously.