A Botanical Plant that can Do it All – So Why Visit the Gym?

index23We often wonder if we could have shed our extra fat, by natural remedies, while sitting at home without having to go to the gym, and get our desired look. This is possible now, with the innovation of the medicated use, of the evergreen flowering tree Garcinia Combogia. It is often referred to as the brindle berry or the Malabar tamarind. Mostly available in India and South East Asia, this pumpkin shaped fruit is harvested, dried and ground into powder to be used, as a sliming formula.

The Features and Benefits of this Product

The Garcinia Combogia has a distinctly sour taste, which has been used for centuries to make meals more filling, and to help decrease the appetite, henceforth. Generally, the plant rind is used as the slimming component. Its active constituent is Hydroxycitric acid or the HCA which has lately gained reputation for its weight loss capability, through appetite suppression. It thus, reduces the body’s ability to form adipose or the fatty tissue that may result from overeating.

How does the Product Work?

The mechanism of the Garcinia slim system is still being researched. However, it believed to be keeping a check on and preventing the body’s ability to convert carbohydrates into fats. This increases the level of glycogen in the liver, which hence sends a message to the brain to reduce the appetite. HCA component in the product increases the serotonin in the brain that enhances the mood, ‘curbs hunger pangs’ for a better goodnight sleep. It also accelerates the fat burning potential in the body.

Benefits of the Garcinia Slim System

  • Natural weight loss supplement which boosts the metabolism capability
  • Controls the emotional eating habits, and thereby the fat intake
  • HCA provides added benefits in fat reduction
  • Helps in shedding the belly fat and manages the stress hormone
  • The Garcinia plant is also known to treat gastric ulcers and protects gastric mucosa
  • Its rind also acts as an astringent which treats diarrhoea and dysentery
  • It reduces the blood lipid level and keeps a check on the lower blood cholesterol level
  • It also has the ability to protect against external toxins, like alcohol
  • Natural remedy to cure diseases and help one lead a fit and active life.

There are no noted side effects of this product; however, it should be avoided by diabetic patients and people suffering from dementia syndrome, alzheimers and by pregnant and lactating women. It is always important to take the physicians advice before using the product.

Major Ingredient Used

Standard quantity of HCA, which is extracted from the rind of the Garcinia fruit is incorporated into the Garcinia Slim System, which is available as capsule, powder or tablet dosages or even in snack bars.
The Garcinia Slim System is made in GNP certified labs without the use of any artificial formulation. It thus, doubles the fat bursting effects, and one does not have to take any extra troublesome fat reduction measure.