Dermanique and Lumera

Get the Flawless Look with Dermanique and Lumera

Rely on the Best for your Skin

Today many products are now emerging that claim to give exciting results like younger looking and healthy skin, brighter under-eyes and many more. However only a few names are capable to stand forward because of their exact results. Entering in this skin care market are the two names La Dermanique that provides anti-ageing face serum and Lumera that gives flawless brighter looking under-eye region.

Perfect Combination for Perfect Skin

Both the companies La Dermanique and Lumera provide their products in the forms of serums. While Dermanique aims to remove those unwanted and unsightly wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine lines and the leading signs of ageing, Lumera enhances the work done by Dermanique by removing the under-eyes flaws like dark circles, puffed eyes, eye-bags and many more.

Dermanique and Lumera

How do they Work?

Both the serums that belong to La Dermanique and Lumera consist of scientific and natural ingredients that have been specially formulated in such a way that might be useful and beneficial in giving a flawless skin like never before. Some of the most important ingredients present in these two products are:

  • Lavendox.
  • Unitamuron H22.
  • Pepha Tight.
  • Co-Enzyme Q 10.
  • Echinacea.


  • Lavendox being present in both Dermanique and Lumera is one the best topical boosters. Present in Lumera, it is processed from Spanish Lavendor Oil’s special molecules. Basically it works like an anti-wrinkle element and aims to reduce the appearance of these wrinkles at a much faster rate.

Present in Dermanique serum, Lavendox provides your skin the immunity that it needs. It also protects your skin from other problems like emotional stress and eliminating unnecessary debris that gets accumulated on your skin.

  • Pepha Tight is present in both the serums. In Lumera eye serum, it actually helps in shielding the skin while tightening as well as smoothening it. Besides, it also promotes the production of collagen.


In Dermanique, the ingredient triggers the present fibroblasts for the production of collagen and for the important connective tissue, thereby reducing the wrinkles’ size. It also helps in skin lifting as well.

  • Unitamuron in Lumera improves the skin elasticity while maintaining it hydration for a comparatively longer period of time.


In Dermanique this ingredient helps in binding and holding moisture along with making it look smoother and more supple.

  • Co enzyme Q 10, present in La Dermanique serum, helps in supporting the DNA repair of your skin.
  • Echinacea and Seaweed extract that is present only Lumera under-eye serum helps your sensitive under-eye region to stay smoother and softer.


Both Dermanique and Lumera are like blessings to all those who are looking for a reliable name for their skin. Each of the serum aim to remove all the signs of skin ageing that mainly occurs in the face and the under-eye region. The combination of both the serums can give great dramatic results that will make others envy your skin. So what are you waiting for? Order them now and enjoy beautiful skin.


Dermanique and Lumera

Dermanique and Lumera