Bellavei Anti Aging Cream

Want To Fight Ageing? GO AHEAD!

You heard that right. You Can go against the ageing rules from now onwards. But How? Well, it is invariably the Bellavei Anti Aging CreamBellaVei, an anti-ageing skin-repairing formula that will not only help in bringing back younger looking skin but will also pull out the long lost confidence of youth in you!
No, not another hoax advertisement but a true promise it is. The claims are not being made on mere hypothesis but as per real proven results of lots of people getting their skin problems scooped out of their lives. Well, now we can look forward to some specific effective grounds of using this product.


On What Basis Can This Be Used?

Generally when one crosses the age of 30, the effect of various daily pressures tend to take a toll on the skin primarily by dehydrating it, thus resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. However, when you use BellaVei, it instantly provides moisture to the skin thus making it taut thereby slowing down the occurrence of such age marks. It contains emollients, a kind of moisturizer, which settles on the epidermis or the outer layer of the skin thus protecting it from water loss.
For those who have to spend time outside on a daily basis and face air pollution, various oxidizing agents present in the polluted air does harm to the skin and darkens it too. The anti- oxidants present in this product ensures the cleansing of the skin and gives it a glowing complexion. Apart from having a wrinkle-free skin, another motive for which this product has come into existence is to possess a healthy skin as well. This product does promise an inevitable healthy skin as it contains 100% natural ingredients. Cent percent natural and organic ingredients provide a surge of relief that there is lesser possibility of side- effects. And the cherry on top? Well it can be used by both men and women! Let us look up for the ingredients performing the miracle.
What Does It Contain?

This anti-ageing skin care cream is made from a combination of 100% natural product and is thus quite exceptional in type. It comprises of:

  • Vitamin C– This vitamin has a very essential part in contributing for a healthy skin. It provides sustenance to the skin, thereby revitalizing it.
  • Primrose Oil– It is a kind of vegetable oil that does not allow excessive water to pass through thus preventing in dehydration of the skin. Not only that it contains elements that enhances the texture of the skin and smoothens it.
  • Arbutin– Ranked as one of the topmost skin whitening agents, Arbutin acts as an anti oxidant in order to inhibit the various oxidation reactions occurring in the skin. It is the reason why after using BellaVei, the skin complexion seems brightened.
  • Shea Butter– This is another natural ingredient that moisturizes the skin and softens it.

Grapefruit Seed Extract- This extract wipes out the vulnerability and sensitiveness and gives an output of a smooth yet strong skin.
Therefore, if you truly want to get rid of anti-ageing issues, then BellaVei is the product that you should opt for with no delay. Grab it and feel the difference!


Bellavei Anti Aging Cream